Garden Tractor PTO Clutch - Burnishing

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Re: Garden Tractor PTO Clutch - Burnishing

Postby Taylor » Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:32 pm

First, I'd say to follow the instructions from the tractor manufacturer, since there can be special requirements based on design.

The clutch guys give burnishing instructions at 14:45 of this YouTube video.
Basically you are wearing off the high spots. Depending on the machine, you might need to do this in order to make sure that the clutch doesn't slip and damage the mating surfaces. In my opinion, it is probably best to buy from an authorized dealer and follow the instructions that come from the machine maker for that particular clutch. It would be a shame to buy a new clutch and burn it up on day 1.

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Re: Garden Tractor PTO Clutch - Burnishing

Postby Remon1 » Thu Mar 18, 2021 2:19 pm

Thank you for the video. It helps to understand the procedure on my machines.

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