What PTO Clutch on a new ZTR Purchase?

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Re: What PTO Clutch on a new ZTR Purchase?

Postby Taylor » Fri Jun 01, 2018 1:58 pm

Hey Will,

In my opinion, the folks that build these mowers put many hours into design, testing, approval of the components, engines, belts, clutches, etc. Although the different brand ZTR mowers may look somewhat the same, there are subtle differences that make them perform differently, so the clutches are often somewhat unique as per the application requirements. The blades could be different, the engine could be different, the speeds could be different, the test requirements and life expectancy could be different. The clutch chosen by the mower OEM is meant to match up best against all of that design criteria. You see what I mean? That's a tough one to answer as far as which type/brand is best for the model that you are looking to buy.

Warner and Ogura are really the only two legitimate manufacturers of clutches for ZTRs. They both make various designs and have good reputations. I think the Mower OEM picks the best offer from Ogura or Warner based on performance/price/size/service/quality/etc., for that particular mower. I wouldn't trust anything other than those two brands of clutches, but then again, you likely won't find anything but those brands. There are some cheap knockoff clutches that you can buy online, but buyer beware.

If anyone else has comments or opinions, chime in. Thanks.

By the way, in case you were wondering how productive (4 acres / 90 minutes) your mowing was, you can try these websites:
https://www.exmark.com/Exmark-Advantage ... vity-Chart

Happy mowing. Don't forget the sunscreen.

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